The Historical Story of "Constantinople and the Bosphorus Landscape"

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This painting was created in 1856 by the famous Russian painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Aivazovsky considered Constantinople to be the most beautiful city in the world, and neither Venice nor anywhere else he saw is incomparable to it.

In 1845, when Aivazovsky first visited the city of Constantinople as a newly appointed artist, he was impressed by the beauty of the Ottoman capital. His whole soul was trapped in the city, and he returned there more than once in his life.

Aivazovski presented his own painting to the Turkish Sultan Abdulmejid I. Sultan pleased to order him to draw a series of paintings based on the Bosporus. Aivazovski, as an Armenian, believes that it will help to establish mutual understanding between Turks and Armenians, therefore he readily accepts Sultan’s demands. He painted about 40 paintings for Sudan. Abdulmejid I was very satisfied with Aivazovski's work. He presented him with the Highest Order of the Ottoman Empire Medal – 1st Medid Medal and 1st Osman Medal. In 1878, Russia signed a peace agreement with Turkey (the so-called "SST"), which signaled the end of the Tenth Russian-Turkish War. It was signed in the hall decorated with Aiwasovski's paintings.

However, when Sultan Abdul Hamid II raised the butcher knife to the Armenians under his rule in 1890, killing tens of thousands of Armenians, Aivazovsky thrown all Ottoman medal into the sea. He told the Turkish consul that he will turn into a "bloody master" with the brush in his hands to expose the Turks' atrocities. The artists will never regret it. Aivazovsky later backed the Armenians with concrete action and used paintbrush as a weapon to draw a series of crimes that reflect the Turks' crimes against the people under their control. He used his savings to help Armenian refugees actively. He also helped the Greeks fight against the Turkish invaders for their own emancipation.

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