Four Tips for Choosing Oil Paintings | Home Decoration


We pay more attention to home decoration now, lots of people will choose oil painting to decorate their house. Painting has the cultural and artistic temperament, home decoration is the right place to decorate with it, there are the four tips about oil painting decoration:

1. Uniform with the decoration style
Home decoration painting selection should uniform the overall style of the room, if the home decoration style is simple and modern, hanging classical style painting will feel awkward, and the European classical style house if hanging modern abstract painting will look neither fish nor fowl.

2.Contrast with the room color
The color of the painting should be compared with the main color of the room so that the painting can play a finishing touch role in the interior. The brightly colored room can choose the intensely colored oil painting. The fresh and elegant room is suitable for choosing the oil painting with soft kinds. In addition, the colors of painting should be consistent with the furniture.

3. Uniform with the function of the room
If you are in the living room, you will find it strange to have a fruit painting. If you are looking for warmth, romance and elegance environment, you can choose some warm and floral paintings . And the restaurant is suitable for fruits, tableware and other eating-related paintings, for children's room, you can choose some cartoon-style painting and so on.

4. Painting style should be unified
The hanging paintings should be consistent, do not hang with realism, abstractionism and other styles of oil paintings in the same space, which will make people fell dazzling.
Now the home decoration has pay more attention on the wall art, but the choice of decorations can not be blind, just like the choice of oil painting, good oil paintings can create a cultural and artistic atmosphere for the house.


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