FAQ Account

Q: Why should I create an account?

A: Check the status of your current order and keep track of previous orders. Contact Customer Service with questions, order update, and general assistance. Store your shipping and payment information to ease checking out process. Ask questions and/or write reviews about a product. By adding a product reviews, you can enter to contests to win prizes. Add an item to “My Favorites” so that you can purchase in the future.

Q: How can I change, correct, or update the information on my account?

A: go to Account, then click the edit to change.

Q: How do I create or change my password?

A: If you're an existing customer in our website, you can easily create or change your password by visiting "My Account" and click on "Password". If you're a new shopper, please create a new account or choose to create a password at the end of your first order.

Q: Is my account safe?

A: Yes, our website uses encryption to protect all sensitive information.

Q: How do I modify my account details?

A: You just need to click on the Account link located in the top right hand corner of our site. Sign in with your User ID and password, make the changes you want and save them.

Q: How do I get a account?

A: You must register for the website and click My Account, and then click Join US in the lower right, and then write your information, and submit the information.