The Rocky Mountains - Albert

Albert Bierstadt born in Solingen, Germany, is the most energetic and inspired 19th century American art worker. When he traveled throughout the United States in the north. He used sketches and oil paintings to draw the nature, during his travels, he develop the kind of detailed panorama. In the 1860s and 70s, most Americans admired the painter very much and his reputation reached the top site. His scenery painting is very romantic. He uses the feeling of travel to exaggerate the terrain and weather in his works. The feeling of field travel has a strong position in his works.
When he was two years old, the family immigrated to Bedford, a Massachusetts port city. The young Albert showed a high artistic talent. In 1853, Albert went to Düsseldorf in Germany to study painting at the Düsseldorf Academy. At that time, under the guidance of the famous classical romantic painter Friedrich, Düsseldorf Academy had formed Düsseldorf with a realistic approach to finely depicting the landscape and filling it with dreamlike romanticism. From 1859 to 1963, he made his first trip to the western United States. This trip greatly enriched his understanding of the vast western United States and opened up a whole new field of vision for his artistic creation. During his lifetime he traveled six times to different parts of the western United States. The material collected from these trips provided his creation with rich nutrition and laid a solid foundation for his success. At the peak of his career, he was interviewed by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, honored by the Corps by Napoleon III, and visited the White House as guest of US President Hayes. His works "Rocky Mountain", which reflects the scenery of the western United States, was presented to Europe as a masterpiece reflecting the beautiful scenery of the United States. It also attracted a large number of European immigrants for the developing United States.

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