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There are many portraits of women living in a secluded and affluent life. In France's late 19th century, modern life suddenly became an acceptable source of inspiration in response to historical themes and religious themes. Cezanne, who painted almost no portraits, drew the normal life of his mother and sister Mary, one was playing the piano and the other was sewing. His father, a banker who disagreed with his son's profession, was also painted on the chair to the right of the painting, but was later erase with paint.

The mother of the famous French painter Mary Cassatt is also an embroiderer. Her heart has the artistic aspirations, hope to become a musician, but found that this desire could only be achieved by her children. She encouraged Cassatt and her sister Edma to be trained as artists. So when the sisters were in the art class, she always sat by their side, doing needlework. However, Cassatt's mother was not content with just being a quiet supporting actress. To bring her daughter into a male-dominated art scene, she held a salon at home every Tuesday night to make Cassatt's work public. Her friend Manet's mother is also a similar figure. It seemed like a vocation for a woman to hold a salon at that time with arty hobbies.

The mother portrait portrayed by the American impressionist painter Mary Cassatt. The art shows that Cassatt is greatly influenced by Japanese traditional painting . She painted her mother in a way that completely ignored the rules laid down by Western art masters. This refreshing, modernist effect is delightfully decorative, with a deep, personal touch. She puts preconceived notions of surface and depth into the picture, just as the classical masters play with light and shadow.

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