Blue Woman Reading Letter| Vermeer

        This work is a collection of the Getty Museum from the collection of the National Museum of Amsterdam, which plans to complete a ten-year massive repair this year. Since October 2012, Vermeer's oil painting "Blue Woman Reading Letters" has begun to travel around the world as an "ambassador" of the rich collection of Dutch paintings of the National Museum. After exhibiting in Shanghai and São Paulo, Los Angeles is the last stop of the tour and the only stop in North America. After that, the oil painting "Blue Woman Reading Letter" will be sent back to the National Museum in Amsterdam to participate in the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony on April 13, 2013.

        This is indeed a rare opportunity for Southern California. Vermeer's "Blue Woman Reading Letters" is one of his greatest and most famous masterpieces. The Blue Woman reading the letter rarely leaves Amsterdam, and this is its first visit to the West Coast. Vermeer's women's readings and other paintings with a private home scene are the only ones that depict the unique intimacy and reality conveyed by the immersive viewing. Among the outstanding works by Vermeer, as in The Blue Woman Reading Letters, there is an unparalleled extraordinary artistic charm.

       Known as one of Vermeer's most beautiful works, The Blue Woman Reading Letters demonstrates Vermeer's superior control over color, light and perspective. This painting depicts a young woman who concentrates on reading a letter, which embodies Vermeer's ability to recreate ordinary everyday life with a strong emotional tension into a different scene. The most imaginative thing about this painting is that the character in the oil painting is most likely to read a love letter, but we don't know who wrote the letter, what content, and why the hero of the painting is so absorbed.

        The Department of Restoration of the National Museum recently cleaned and studied the Blue Woman Reading Letter. In the process, the past improper treatment and the yellowed parts were removed, and the oil paintings were completely renewed. It is worth noting that the repair process showed Vigil's dazzling blue gamut, which was the first time in several generations to see such excellent brightness and subtle taupe, yellow, ochre and white collocations. Light blue color.

        At the same time, the technical research on the "Blue Woman Reading Letter" in the National Museum shows that Vermeer has made important adjustments to the composition in the process of creating this work. For example, he extended the left side of the map on the wall behind the girl to the window, compressing the white area caused by the wall. He also removed the flare on the back of the girl's blue jacket, highlighting her vertical shape. These two changes help to focus the audience's attention on the female protagonist and her mind.

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