Argenteuil Bridge | Monet

        "Alentey Bridge", this piece was created by Monet at the age of 34. At the end of 1871, Monet moved to the small village of Argenteuil on the banks of the Seine. Since then, he has created many paintings based on the scenery of Argenteuil. During this period, Monet’s best friend Manet and the same impressionist Renoir also came to this place. In the village, the three couldn't wait to experiment together to explore a new impressionist painting. Monet has devoted himself to the capture of the flow of light and the shock of color. If you open the distance and immerse yourself in the painting, you will understand why Monet created this painting: he is deeply intoxicated by the sun. The flashing figure in nature, he was dizzy because the sun was too charming, he couldn't help but record the beauty of this elusive moment, which is the artist's strong sense of nature and life, and faithful record. Driven by desire.

        The bright and fresh color of the painting seems to make people feel the warm sunshine and the wind in the painting. The author used the bridge and trees as a distant view, the vessel as a close-up, the water surface extending from near and far, to the sky as the background. All of this was softened into a moving sight by the author with real light and shadow, and all the scenes were arranged in one piece. The reflection of the right cabin and the bridge and the sunlight in the river, the combination of cold and warm colors, in stark contrast. Make the picture more vivid.

        When you look at it alone, the color of each scene is soft, but it looks very strong from the whole. Because the intense light is scattered over the trees, the water, and the bridge, everything in the painting is wrapped in light. It’s probably a feeling of impression. Impressionist paintings are far-reaching photos that look like real shots from the whole, but close to seeing each line is a messy and coherent line and color point. As Monet once said: When painting, forget what kind of object is in front of you. The only thing that comes to mind is a small square blue, a small piece of rectangular pink, and a hint of yellow. This is exactly the case of the Argenteuil Bridge. The whole painting is full of various warm and cold colors and seemingly messy brushstrokes.

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