A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Secret works can always cross the times and become classics. The stories they carry have always been talked about, and the charisma will never be dissipated.


The story took place on a certain spring day more than a century ago. A young French painter named Seurat created a painting that became the most favorite and very mysterious art in the history. This masterpiece, Seurat spent a full two years. This painting depicts a sunny day on the Big Bowl Island in Onière, near Paris. The visitors gathered in the sun to rest between the trees on the riverside . There are some walks, some lying on the grass, some fishing on the river. On the foreground, a large dark green tone symbolizes the shadows, with the bright part of a yellow tone in between, which shows the strong sunshine of the afternoon and the grass is yellow-green. The sun shines through the woods, and the shadows projected on the grass are clearly defined by color. Red, white clothes, parasols and lawns all appear yellow as if they were steamy. The color points are intertwined with one another, giving us a effect of decorating with carpet. The characters on the paintings are also very ridiculous. One by one, they cannot see clearly their faces and features. Even the outline itself is blurred by the dots. It seems that everything is shadowy. The entire creative process of the painting is divided into four steps: setting the contrast between light and shade in sketches; sketching in colors; organizing the background based on sketches; and completing the manuscript in color points.

After looking at it more, it feels very mysterious, as if playing hide-and-seek with everyone. Whether it is space or human proportions, it is strange, but it has a wonderful totality. After careful calculation, there were 48 people, 8 boats, 3 dogs, and 1 monkey in the painting. The people on the bank seemed to enjoy a limited sunny afternoon. In the “Sunday afternoon on Big Bowl Island”, when Seurat was only 24 years old, he was born into an affluent middle-class family. He supposedly would make many high-level friends and be cheerful. However, he was a discreet and restrained person, and even his friends felt it. He is profoundly unpredictable. For most people, he looks like an alien.

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This work attracts me a lot, just thinking that the people inside may felt fretful due to so many people there at the same island.

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