Vincent van Goghs: Almond Blossom

        Van Gogh's life is full of new beginnings, landscape changes and things getting better and better. Usually he will start everything new and believe that once it is realized, everything is correct. At the beginning of 1890, Vincent's brother, Theo had a son. Vincent was pleased to say: "I am very happy after the news." He reluctantly accepted the honor of a new god named Vincent's new god.

        When Vincent moved to Arles, he dreamed of a new beginning, the artists lived together and were happy to paint. In St. Paul's sanctuary, he thinks that a year later he will be able to better continue his life with new success and happiness, and then with the birth of his nephew, he sees a new life being celebrated. Nephew healthy birth, immediately began to paint for the baby - flowering almond tree. He wants to hang it on the bed of the parents and the children's room. In fact, his brother's wife wrote: "He is always interested in the painting of Uncle Vincent's painting, Van Gogh must be very proud, think of intimate relationship with his nephew, will be very happy."

        The almond branch is the theme of Van Gogh's visit. In an early study, he drew a branch in the vase, like a still life. Flowering almond tree, he painted a very different composition for his nephew. He did not visit the still life again, but in the blue sky show white almond branch. Did not show whether these branches cut from the tree, sitting outside the vase of the audience, or in the tree, from below to see the sky. For art as a whole, for Van Gogh himself, this is an unusual combination.

        Like many Van Gogh paintings, the flowering almonds are influenced by Japanese prints. Van Gogh collection and appreciation of Japanese artists, in his work, the idea of ​​using bold colors, black silhouettes and natural beauty. Like the Japanese artist Hiroshige, the almond tree shows the branches of a tree in the background of the sky. This Japonisme creates a dynamic and modern job while still being a recognizable Van Gogh painting.

        Van Gogh's almond tree is also known as almond trees, on behalf of Vincent often think of a lot of things: rebirth. Flowering blooming trees announced the beginning of spring and new life. As a gift to celebrate the birth of the child, this can not be more perfect. Once Van Gogh was found, he immediately thought of visiting his brother in Paris. Knowing that he is still trying to overcome the mental health problem, he knows that big city trips may be taxed. He hoped that he would be able to start again during the housing and felt good. He often writes that he feels better in the hospital.

        In May 1890 he was able to visit Sao Paulo in St. Remy to visit his family; at this time he brought his almond tree painting. Unfortunately, his mental health continues to deteriorate, and in the summer of 1890 he died three months later.

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