The Flute Boys

        "The flute boys" is a canvas oil painting created by the French Impressionist painter Edward Manet in 1866. It is now in the Paris Orsay Museum.

        The painting depicts a scene in which the young Guards of the Royal Guard are playing Piccolo. The teenager in the picture stands with his right foot as the center of gravity, the left leg stretches outward, and the upper body naturally leans to the left. He wears a dark-skinned men' s tight-fitting body. A short top with a white cloth with a gold tube, a red trousers in the lower part, against the white shoe cover, fingers pressed against the hole in the instrument, melodious notes flowing out, his look Focus and carefully play a sharp wooden flute.

        The whole picture has reached the unity of shape and color. There is no shadow in the painting, no flat line, no outline, and painting with minimal subject level, which denies the deep sense of the three-dimensional space.

        The painting was created by the author from 1864 and was created in 1866.

        In the painting, the author did not add any anecdotal ingredients to shape the image. The costume and Piccolo match the character is its only theme. There is no connection between the background and the characters, and there is no connection. These also make the characters look unreal. The characters are treated with large color points, and only the child's face and hands are angry, forming a clear contrast with the somewhat stiff, invisible silhouette.

        The painting uses three basic shades - red pants, a black top and a ochre-colored background. The black sideline on both sides of the red trousers is connected with the black top. The relationship between red and black is highlighted by Manet's golden buckle and the white shawl on the shoulder of the youngster. The ochre-colored background is an abstract background with no sides and no verticals. The background color of the ochre color, centering on the characters, gradually deepens outwards, making the piper juveniles in a bright space.

        There are no shadows in the painting, no flat lines, no outlines, and painting with minimal subject level, negating the deep sense of the three-dimensional space. The author completely canceled the depth of the picture, there is no light in the painting, or all the illumination comes from the outside of the painting, and it is absolutely perpendicular to the picture. There is no space behind the juvenile, not only there is no space, but he has almost no foothold. place. The ground on his feet was almost blank, and only a small piece of gray shadow showed the difference between the wall and his feet. The teenager's face did not leave any raised light, but there were two small depressions on both sides of the nose to express the eyebrows and the eye sockets.

        "The flute boys" is Manet's innovation and development of the Impressionist School. It has an important position in the history of world art. As a kind of art trend, it promotes the transformation of art techniques and concepts in the future. It is for Europe, America, Japan and even China. The painter has had a major impact.


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