Sunflowers, 1888 by Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh's most famous work is some of his sunflower series. He draws a total of twelve such canvas, although most people refer to him from 1888 to 1889 in the paintings of Arles painting. The other five paintings were painted in Paris in 1887.

There are many works in this series of paintings (each work can be clearly identified as Van Gogh), only minor differences can be separated. The overall layout of the painting and the positioning of the actual sunflower are usually kept in similar paintings.

As Van Gogh predicted in 1889, sunflower finally became his self-portrait and combined with his portrait, like his artistic wrist, until now: since 1901, there is no backtracking Van Gogh automatic Missing the exhibitions including Van Gogh's exhibitions, Van Gogh's wealth and auction payment records determine the success of the public: perhaps because Van Gogh's sunflower surpassed him or he - they might be thought to be like a taller flower.

Although Vincent himself did not really explain why he liked sunflowers in particular, the letters they mentioned were made in many of his letters, which helped us to provide some ideas. He sent a letter to his sister on August 21, 1888, talking about his friends with Arles living. And then went on to say that he intended to decorate the entire studio, only sunflowers. He continued to write to his brother Theo "Now I want to live with Gauguin in our own studio, I want to decorate this studio, there is no big flower next to the restaurant, you know there is a lovely flower decoration, the total It is big sunflower remembered out of the window.

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