Sleeping Venus

        Sleeping Venus is a canvas painting created by Italian Renaissance artist Giorgione in 1510. It is now hidden in the Museum of Masters of Art in Dresden, Germany. The painting shows Venus, the Greek mythological God of love, sleeping naked. Giorgione did not finish the painting, but Titian finished the landscape and the sky.

        Venus is sleeping soundly in a picturesque environment. Her face is slightly to the right, her head rests on her curved right arm, and her dark hair brushes behind her head. His face was clear and calm, as if he were dreaming a beautiful dream. The plump body is graceful and smooth, with ups and downs. She put her left hand on her body and her left leg on her right leg. She slept naturally and gracefully, elegantly like a long rainbow and sleeping waves, and comfortably like autumn water. The dynamic, wrinkled blanket beneath Venus is a good foil to the static beauty of Venus' body. The background of the picture is also handled beautifully. Overlapping hills, winding mountain paths and quiet trees echo each other. In the quiet village, the houses are staggered and ups and downs. Beautiful reflections are reflected on the clear lake. The sunset glow in the sky covers the earth. The clouds float lightly and the sunset glow reddens most of the sky.

        The European Renaissance Movement is a new thought and new culture movement of the rising bourgeoisie, whose core idea is humanism. The real and perfect characters and the rich and complex reality depicted in the art works of this period are the concrete manifestations of humanism. To a great extent, these images embody the spirit and positive attitude of the new era such as taking "human" as the center, attaching importance to human authority, affirming real life and secular life, advocating the exploration of nature, and attaching importance to scientific research.

        As a manifestation of humanism, Sleeping Venus is different from the previous figure paintings in that it begins to pay attention to the nature around it. The rich and soft body coordinates with the tranquil and beautiful grassland and hill background, and ingeniously combines to form an ideal world of leisure and elegance. Giorgione' s intention is to transform mythological themes into a meditation on nature. In the sunset, nature is about to fall asleep, the human body and nature are merged into one, the curve of the body and the fluctuation of the mountains synthesize a rhythm, so we can safely draw the conclusion that even if the background of the picture of "The Spurred Venus" is not Giorgione' s pen, Titian can be regarded as completing the work for him in full accordance with Giorgione' s original intention.

        The composition of Giorgione' s Sleeping Venus is very simple. The beautiful Venus sleeps in the embrace of the beautiful nature. She has a calm look, the former is clear, such as bowed eyebrows, gentle drooping eyes, beautiful lips, slender and symmetrical body, stretching, natural and gentle. She put her right hand behind her head to form a rhythmic curve. The reclining posture is naturally stretched and the smooth arc is used to make her body smooth and round. The beauty of the sculpture has reached a realm that can be described by nonverbal language. The gentle and quiet Hill rhythm in the background rural scenery is in harmony with Venus' image. Her clear and soft expression and the golden light in the background make people feel slightly intoxicated.

        The color processing on the screen is full of layers and Lyric flavor. Venus' body and clouds in the distant sky are the main yellow. They echo, contrast and contrast with each other across the fields and villages. They can be said to be the first level. And the mountains, trees and houses in the middle are the main black, which is the second level, thus laying a beautiful lyric atmosphere at dusk, and playing a foil and transitional role. In the painting, a corner red gauze beside Venus echoes a distant mangrove tree, which is the third level. The whole picture is warm, soft, elegant, full of Lyric flavor.


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