Romanticism takes affirming and praising the spiritual value of human beings and striving for the liberation of personality and human rights as its ideological principles. In painting, he advocates individuality, characteristic description and emotional expression. The composition is varied, the color contrast is strong, and the brushwork is bold and fluent, which makes the picture have strong emotional color and exciting artistic charm.

Neoclassicism and Neoclassicism are both ideals, the reorganization of things around them, and they are all through selection, not a copy of everyday life. The difference between Romanticism and Neoclassicism is that Romanticism first pursues a new and beautiful world according to its own feelings. It advocates that art, even in the face of the same object, varies from person to person. So Romanticism pays more attention to the particularity of feeling than to the universality of reason. They think that the so-called ugliness and terror of ordinary people, if they can resort to their own feelings, this art is beauty, so the strange, strange fantasies, death phenomena which are not allowed by ideal beauty play an important role in the romantic world. Neoclassicism, on the other hand, aims at the ideal beauty shared by ten thousand people. The ideal beauty has universality, just as the truth of science is truth to anyone.

In short, the spiritual significance of Romanticism lies in feelings. With the advent of Romanticism, all kinds of personality beauty replace the only absolute ideal beauty, so whether the artist's theme has originality is the most important, but emphasizing his own personality makes the artist tend to resist the general society. On the one hand, this anti-social attitude forms the historical taste and exotic taste of escaping reality; on the other hand, it shows revolutionary enthusiasm and tries to change it. Realistic society.

The art of French Romanticism rose from the 1920s to the 1930s. This is an age of corruption, chaos and retrogression. Romantic art in this era began with the courage to call for revolutionary storms.

German philosopher Hegel said in aesthetics that the object of Romanticism is "free and concrete spiritual life". Fundamentally speaking, the emergence of Romanticism in the nineteenth century demanded the liberation of personality and spiritual freedom; the feudal regime and the classical art of colleges also made them feel that they had to get rid of the spiritual pressure. Romantics attach importance to color, which is consistent with their requirement of attaching importance to emotion. Shape the body with color.


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