Oil paint "Whistle juvenile" by Claude Monet

"Whistle juvenile" is also named " The boy who blows the piccolo ",It belongs to portrait painting, and  It was created by Claude Monet in 1866, The size is 160*98cm, and the material is the canvas and the oil painting, It is collected in the Paris Olympiad Art Museum, The boy who blows the flute in the painting stand with the right foot for the center of gravity, the left leg outward stretches, the upper body leans to the left, and his finger presses in the instrument empty, Melodious notes flowed out, The expression on his face was very attentive and very cautious.This is a very great and very meaningful Portrait Oil Painting.

吹笛少年-莫奈 | 肖像油画     Name:Whistle Juvenile     Size:160*98cm
    painter:Claude Monet     Materials:Oil, Canvas
    Creation time:1886     Collection Museum:Paris Orsay Art Museum
    Subject:Realism     Category:Portrait

About the Author

Claude Monet(1832-1883) is a famous painter in the French Impressionist, and he has an important contribution to the development of European painting; although he has never participated in the joint exhibition of Impressionist painters, he is still regarded as the foundation of the Impressionist of Painting. Claude Monet 's achievements are mainly reflected in the figure painting, the first impression of light and color into the figure painting, and he created the impressionist style. Claude Monet early years by the academic six years of education, and later study Many of the works of ancient master, his paintings both traditional modeling of a solid painting, but also impressionist painting bright and full of light color, people can be said that he is an important painter. His works (especially portraits ) Naturally reflects the people character and psychology. "Pianpian juvenile" with almost no shadow of the graphic figures, and from the picture we can see Mani's talent and self-confidence. This painting is clearly with the impact of Japanese Ukiyo-shi prints.

Introduction of Work

This painting comes with Japanese painting style. In the painting, the flute juvenile to the right foot as the center of gravity, left leg outward stretch, upper body naturally left to tilt, fingers in the instrument on the empty press, melodious music revealed, look focused, and very serious performance.

The picture uses three basic colors - red pants, black blouses and brown background. Red pants on both sides with a black edge, and black shirt together, the relationship of two color(red and black) was tied by the golden button. There is no horizontal and no vertical in the brown background. to the characters as the center, the color is gradually deepen, so that the flute juvenile in bright space.
Painting appreciation

In the Oil painting, depicting the Guardian band inside a flute of the juvenile. In the exploration of the unity of the body and the color, the painter notes the characterization of the character. In the color of the pursuit of a stable, almost no change in the bright side, suddenly into the dim color, the characters into a light gray, almost flat painted bright background which depict, with the atmosphere of the atmosphere will show the body The There is no shadow in this picture, no horizon, no contours, with the smallest limit of the main level to paint, deny the three-dimensional space of the far-reaching feeling. Dumai had once said that Claude Monet 's painting was like a poker.

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