Oil Painting "Lunch on The Grass" by Edward Manet

"The Lunch on the Grass" (French name: Le déjeuner sur l'herbe) is a French oil painting by the French realist and impressionist painter Edward Manet, It created between 1862 and 1863. and It was collected at the Paris Orsay Art Museum.There are several characters in the painting to form a cross-shaped triangle, two men and naked woman's body intertwined, so that the meaning of this painting highlights the sex out.

Lunch on The Grass- Edward Manet     Name: Lunch on The Grass     Size: 208×264.5cm
    painter: Edward Manet     Materials: Oil, Canvas
    Creation time: 1862-1863     Collection Museum: Paris Orsay Art Museum
    Subject: Impression     Category: Portrait

About the Author

Edward Manet (1832-1883) is a famous 19th century French painter who was Impressionist leader. He was born in Paris, a rich family of judges. He was a seafarer when he was young, after then entering the Academy painter Kutuer studio study. But he couldn't tolerate the kind of rigidity and falsehood of the academy, he said: "Whenever I walked into the studio, I always felt like walking into the grave." After leaving the studio, he went to the museums around, copied and research the works which painted by the previous generation masters.

The oil painting "lunch on the grass", which was exhibited in 1863 in the deserted salon, It caused a rare sensation in the world, whether it was a subject matter or a performance method, contrary to the prevailing academic principles. It expresses the earthly environment directly.Edward Manet made a great change in painting history by his strong sensitivity of painting and his typical works. On April 30, 1883, Manet died.

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