Oil Painting Vs Acrylic Painting

   Today's oil types have been around about 500 years and are still present and viewed throughout the world. Oil paints generally come from linseed oil (a vegetable base) The film of oils harden after it is applied to canvas and exposed to oxygen, however the film on oils dry much slower than other mediums. Hardening slows as it begins to harden, and never completely dries (under normal conditions).  
   Acrylics have been around for a little over 50 years. In theory acrylics should last 500 years, acrylic is softer, more flexible and less brittle than oil especially over time. If a painting is kept indoors and at temperatures above freezing the changes that cause hardening, are very slow.
   Pros and Cons. Acrylica paint dries almost immediatley and is more difficult to work with. therefore we do not recommend the painting of human subjects due to the amount of time an artist spends in the facial areas. Acrylics resist cracking better than that of oil paintings. However, acrylic paintings become very brittle if the temperature decreases below freezing and can be damaged beyond repair if freezing does occur. There are no known cleaning agents for acrylic paintings. Plain water will damage an acrylic painting. Acrylic paint films are porous and softer than the film on oil, making dirt more likely to stick or embed in the layer. Acrylics tend to carry electrostatic charges on their surfaces which attracts dirt. Protective framing is suggested for an acrylic painting. It is suggested not to clean an acrylic painting even with a brush. When using air pressure at an angle to dust your acrylic painting, do so with caution as to not embed the dust into the painting. Even though it is easier to dust an oil painting. You should always consult an expert on cleaning any type of painting. Most artists agree that an oil painting provides more depth to a painting.  There are many discussions on this topic found in discussion forums and encyclopedias on the internet. We have listed only a few known important factors.

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