Oil Painting Artists

        The artist's picture is just something special. A person can only be lost in their own work. Wonderfully, not only has a style of using oily paint, many artists also use it. It is used for a variety of jobs.

        The Renaissance, Impressionist and many other forms of use of this type of paint. Oil painting artists have spanned hundreds of years, sparking thousands of people in the world to create magnificent pictures. Monet, Da Vinci, Van Gough, etc., are just examples of famous people who make pictures in this way. Da Vinci may be the most famous artist of all time. He was a real "Renaissance man" at the time. He created a masterpiece, invented, was a philosopher, an architect, and so on. Although he did a lot of great things, his work was very respected. Mona Lisa is one of his most famous works. She was considered a microcosm of beauty, she smiled and warm everyone's heart. He has also made one of the most famous religious pictures: the last dinner. This photo has been repeated in many different styles and in all types of materials. If there is a painting artist's Hall of Fame, Da Vinci will be here.

        Another real "Renaissance man" is Michelangelo. Ironically, he wanted to be famous for his sculptor's work. Like he wanted to be loved, he could not get rid of the shadow of painting. Like his Italian friend Leonardo da Vinci, his description and change of the upper limit of the Sistine Chapel will always be remembered. On the ceiling, he had a pictorial image, with a final judgment on the altar. Adam's creation is the central picture of the church ceiling. This is an iconic image that anyone can recognize. Michelangelo will also be in the Hall of Fame if there is one. Impressionist times are a very influential period, because it produces a bright landscape and character color images. This is a very unique form, many people from all over the world like it.

        Claude Monet (Claude Monet) was one of the more popular oil painting artists. In fact, because his work is called "impression, sunrise", the whole period has been named. Some of his more famous works include "women and umbrellas", "poppy flowers in full bloom" and "red boat Argenteuil". Oil painting artists come from all over the world and create a wide variety of works for all of you. For many people, it has become a microcosm of the term "art". When people think of the word, they tend to have specific oil paintings to their minds. Although the most famous works from the past, but this is a never disappearing art.

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