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Oscar - Claude Monet (November 14, 1840 - December 5, 1926), abbreviated as Claude Monet or Monet, translated Taiwanese to Oscar Claude Monet, the traditional translation of Monet in mainland China. The main French Impressionist painter and leader of the Impressionist movement.

Monet is one of the founders of Impressionism and the most influential one among the masters of impressionism. Among the representative Impressionist painters, only Monet, with his 86-year-old long life, consistently devoted his creative enthusiasm to Impressionist techniques. Other Impressionist painters are short-term explorers. Although he has not participated in the eight Impressionist exhibitions, Manet is regarded as the leader and founder of Impressionism: Renoir, who is good at painting characters, engaged in the exploration period of Impressionism in his artistic life, in the early and late stages, and in the middle of more than ten years, turned his enthusiasm to classicism.

From 1874 to 1886, eight Impressionist exhibitions were held in Paris. Pizarro participated in exhibition. He once said, "My life is completely in line with Impressionism." Monet did not participate in the exhibition for the fifth, sixth and last time. Because the works in these three exhibitions have gone against the original creative techniques. Monet refused to participate in the exhibition in protest against his beliefs. This is his consistent adherence to the Impressionist creed, but also Monet's greatest influence in Impressionism.

Monet can often excavate its charm from ordinary scenery. He observed the scenery meticulously and was very sensitive to the changes of light. He can draw more than a dozen pictures of the same scene. Such as "Haystack", "Water Lotus" and so on. This is just to show the different weather and light in the same scene, which other painters can hardly do.

Monet, like a hermit, sometimes has a strong sense of loneliness. On the one hand, because of his personality, he was quiet and thoughtful by nature; on the other hand, because he was the forerunner of impressionism, when he had to struggle alone, he had a sense of loneliness.


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