Seine River and Louvre

From 1900 to 1903, Pizarro focused on this historic site in Paris. However, his health was deteriorating and he suffered from serious eye diseases, so it was impossible to sketch near by. So he created more than 30 paintings about this place at the window of the third floor of his apartment. Sky and river occupied a new important position in the paintings to show the gentleness and permanence of this area.

The close-up view of the picture is occupied by a corner of the Yalu Garden near the New Bridge. Few strokes depict visitors in the garden --- for example, a rose-colored dress representing a woman --- watching the barge slowly passing under the Art Bridge Cave. On the left side of the picture are two big trees whose leaves have all fallen off, and on the right side are the Louvre with long figures. Louis XIV's auxiliary buildings have a classical architectural style: triangular lintels, wall columns, columns on railings and roof platforms all reflect this style. It echoes old buildings such as small corridors and "waterfront corridors". There are small bell towers on both sides of the vault corridor leading to the palace. Further on, you can reach the Louvre Palace with a high roof, which was built during Napoleon III. The vast sky is blue, with pink thin clouds floating in the sky, and sunshine sprinkles through the clouds to the earth. The straight lines of the Louvre, the Art Bridge and the Yaluyuan Garden make the whole picture very stable. The old painter tried to use gray, light brown and lilac tones and flexible brush strokes to depict the whole picture of the sky, the city's air filled with winter morning mist and light tremor. In 1903, in a letter to his son, he said that he had found the theme of "excellent light" here.


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