The Famous French Painter Pierre Auguste Renoir


Pierre Auguste Renoir 1841-1919, a famous painter and sculptor of the French Impressionism School.At the beginning of the impressionist movement and close contact. His early works are typical of Impressionist works which record real life. His works are full of dazzling brilliance. By the mid-1880s, however, he had split from the Impressionist and turned to portraits, he has good painting skill especially in women's portraits.

Life experience

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born in a poor tailor's home. When he was 5-year-old, his family move to Paris, When he was 13years old, he has learned the art of painting on porcelain. As a teenager, Pierre-Auguste Renoir began painting portraits of porcelain on a porcelain factory and started to have a strong interest in the arts. At the age of twenty-one, he dreamed become a professional painter. He and Monet became friends in the same studio.

In the 1870s, Pieter Auguste Renoir and Monet often went out to paint and discuss the colorization of the paintings.(19th Century) In the mid-1970s, Renoir developed his own unique style, There often appearing elegant ladies in the paintings, This time the character modeling to avoid a clear outline or thick lines, and natural realistic pen set off the share of dreamlike, a little afternoon lazy sun, mottled, kind of lively and lively.

By 1881, he began to return to the classical, in the same year he went to Italy to learn, after returning his work has changed dramatically. Soon after he felt his style is too serious, so again using rough natural brush without losing the original shape of the object. After laying this style of painting, he used the colors more daring and more skillful. His theme was always the feminine pink crystal skin, plump and smooth carcass, giving a healthy and lively impression. Renoir always adhere to outdoor painting and creation, leaving a total of more than 6000 full of light and shadow playful outdoor works.

In 1874, a painting "box" which painted by Renoir took participate the art exhibition the first time, This marks the maturity of Renoir style.Later, in 1876, He used this method to represent the spectacular scenes again in the "Mural of Open Moulin Rouge Street",  splashed on people's bodys, faces, tables And grass, the real practice of "light is the master of painting," an impression of the slogan. Impressionism painting is an important representative of the customs. On the surface is described as a famous open-air cafe in Paris dance and lively and cheerful atmosphere, in fact, the real theme is the sunlight shining down through the leaves gap. This sunlight shines on people, causing a rich light color change, It's fully demonstrating the impressionist painters are highly sensitive to the changes of light and color in real life.

After 1876, his style matured. As a representative of this style, "Lunch on a Yacht," "Portrait of Mrs. Aar Pang Desi and Children," They were all complimented by critics and official salons with a bright, gorgeous, dazzling brilliance.

Representative Work

"Swinging Girl"、"Lise Sewing"、"La Grenouillère"、"Dance at Bougival" 、"A Girl with a Watering Can" 、"Portrait of Charles and Georges Durand-Ruel" 、"Dance in the Country" 、"Girl With a Hoop" 、"Luncheon of the Boating Party"

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