Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers Painted by Van Gogh

"Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers" was made in the sunny and bright south of France. Van Gogh used concise strokes to show the shape of plants, full of rhythm and vitality. The whole painting still has a consistent yellow tone, but it is light.

The oil painting painted by Van Gogh, with yellow and orange as the keynote, with green and blue delicate strokes to outline the petals and stems, and the signature and the center of a flower also uses blue. The thick color points on the grains have striking effect, and the slender strokes try to show the fullness of the disk and the graceful feeling of the texture.

Oil Painting Sunflower

The painter is like a blazing flame, full of fiery passion to make the motion sense and as if the rotation of the strokes is so thick and strong, color contrast is pure strong. However, in this thick and simple but full of wisdom. Viewers watching this painting, all for the exciting effect of the picture and induction, the heart for the tremor, passion also gushing out, all eager to join in the high rich subjective feelings. In short, the high pen of the sunflower is not only a plant, but a i primitive impulse and enthusiasm of the life body.

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