Abstract painting

Abstract Painting refers to the painting style of the 20th century which wants to break away from imitating nature. It contains many schools, not the name of one school: its formation has been evolved over a long period of time. However, regardless of their factions, their common characteristics lie in trying to break the traditional idea that painting must imitate nature. In the 1930s and after World War II, various forms derived from abstract ideas became the most popular and distinctive artistic style in the twentieth century.

Abstraction is a relative concept of representativeness. It draws the common points of many things and synthesizes them to form a new concept. This concept is called abstraction. Abstract painting is based on intuition and imagination as the starting point of creation, excluding any symbolic, literary, illustrative means of expression, only to shape and color to be integrated, organized on the screen. Therefore, the pure form of abstract painting is similar to music.

The development trend of abstract painting can be roughly divided into:

Geometric abstraction: This is based on Cezanne's theory and developed through cubism, constructivism and neo-formalism. It is characterized by a tendency towards geometry. This School of painting can be represented by Mondrian.

Lyric abstraction: This is based on Gauguin's artistic concept, developed by the Fauvism and Expressionism, with a romantic tendency. This School of painting can be represented by Kandinsky.


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