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    Overview    Painting name: "Sleeping Venus"    About 1510 - 1511 Giorgione, Italy    108.5cm × 175cm cloth oil color Dresden National Ar...
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   Today's oil types have been around about 500 years and are still present and viewed throughout the world. Oil paints generally come from linseed oil (a vegetable base)...
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        On the land where the sun sets over the sunset, the sun has just risen from the east, and a couple of young French peasants are walking side by side to ...
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        It can be said that any kind of painting and painting cannot be produced out of thin air. They are actually a means for mankind to use a special materia...
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                A basket of apples, also known as the still-life apple basket, is one of Cézanne’s most representative works. On a rough woo...
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        This painting is a meticulous work of Corot in his later years. It can be seen from the painting that the composition and processing of the characters a...
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