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        Leng Jun is a leading figure in contemporary Chinese ultra-realistic painting school. He graduated from Wuhan Normal University's art dep...
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        Claude Monet (1840-1926) from the 1890s, his famous series of water lilies until 1926 died, all the scenes are in his Giverny (Giverny) near the home to...
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Water Lilies (1908)Donated by the Meadows Foundation to the Dallas Museum of Art, this canvas is one of only a few round water lilies. The painting, which was displayed on the Euro...
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The two world wars in the 20th century caused great trauma to people's soul; the rapid pace accompanied by industrialization intensified people's tension, and the traditional art f...
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Background        Completed from October 1800 to January 1801, marking the arrival of the new century. After a decade of revolutionary terror and uncertainty, F...
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        Jean Francois Miller (1814-1875) is the most loved painter in the history of modern French painting. His simple and intimate artistic language is especi...
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