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The oil painting "Dance Lesson" depicts scenes where some dance actresses danced under the instruction of ballet teacher Pero. In this "Dance lesson", Degas chose a view point towa...
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    During the Reformation, in response to the rise of Protestantism, the Catholic Church celebrated the role of early Christian martyrs in inspiring religious followers ...
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    The history of oil painting should be traced back to the original rock painting totem, etc., although those are not oil painting, even closer to the category of ...
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        Jacob Maris, a painter at The Hague, has created many windmill-themed paintings. A museum in Den Bosch houses his 1878 work "Five Windmil...
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        Literally, the art of painting is the process of applying color to a supporting surface such as paper, wood, glass or canvas. In the artistic sense, pai...
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         The painting "Sea Fisherman" is a painting by the painter Turner in 1796. The oil paintings are now in the Tate Gallery in the UK.  &nbs...
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