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    As an artist, knowing how to criticize yourself and your drawing skills is good - the key is how to criticize yourself.    When you learn to draw, this "cri...
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        Murillo was one of the founders of the Seville College in Spain and became the first dean. People usually divide the style of Murillo according to color...
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        Except for a very small number of countries and regions, figure painting is almost the first theme of artistic performance of all ethnic groups. It can ...
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1.Chinese landscape painting introduction    Chinese landscape painting is the most massive precipitation in Chinese human feelings. Traveling to play the conti...
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    Oil paintings are a great way to compliment the décor of your home. You will find that no matter what your style is, there is an oil painting that will be a...
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        This exquisite portrait portrays Cecelia Galleneni, a noble woman with a quiet appearance. She is the mistress of the Duke of Portugal’s Duke Sovera and...
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