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          "Welfare Berger's Bar" is Manet's impressionist canvas painting created in 1882, which is his masterpiece in his later years. In this painti...
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Modern art may seem difficult to understand, but in fact it exists in all aspects of our life. As long as you look at it, you will find that it has already merged into life. Abstra...
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    Not many of us are lucky enough to be able to have a spectacular view of Mother Nature’s work, the hills, mountains, woodlands, and additional unusual natural wo...
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        This painting depicts the golden autumn scenery of the idyllic harvest. In the harvest season, a farmer is busy in the fields. The bright sun shines thr...
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One of the founders of abstract painting, the Dutch painter Pete Mondrian, is keen to use horizontal and vertical lines and rectangles of various colors in his works. He insisted o...
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p{text-indent:2em;} Among the many works in the exhibition, the works of "Nineteenth Century French Flower -Flower Still Life Painting" are one of our favorite artists, Henri...
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