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        "The Third Class Car" is a subject that the painter has painted many times. In the front row of the picture is a wrinkled old man, a middle-aged woman h...
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       Ordinary country roads present a warm poetry in Sisley's pen. The painter uses transparent tones to depict the sky, the road, and the trees and houses on...
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        We decorate our homes with flowers throughout the year and also send flowers for special occasions. In this busy era, we rarely jump to the local flower...
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        This work is a collection of the Getty Museum from the collection of the National Museum of Amsterdam, which plans to complete a ten-year massive repair...
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        In addition to depicting rural life, Pissarro also painted some urban streetscapes. The painting is Pissarro sitting in front of the hotel's upstairs wi...
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              "Starry Night" is a landscape that is both close and far-reaching, which can be seen from the high-view landscape of the 16th-centu...
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