A Lesson from Claude Monet on Facing Rejection

    “My rejection at the Salon brought an end to my hesitation [to settle in Paris] since after this failure I can no longer claim to cope. … Alas, that fatal rejection has virtually taken the bread out of my mouth.” — Claude Monet

Monet fights with refusal

       Hard to imagine today, Claude Monet (Claude Monet) in his early years of working life is facing a huge resistance. Of course, he is expressing a new form of oil painting, so he can look forward to "breaking" the French art facility until the Impressionist completes.

    At that time in France, the formal art organization was accepted at the annual salon exhibition, which meant the difference between professional success and bankruptcy, diet or hunger.

    In the first two decades of his career, Monet did not always attend his paintings.     Fortunately, Monet finally won a strong ally in Parisian businessman Paul Durand-Ruel. Durand-Ruel supported him to buy open-air paint, while trying to attract buyers from the wealthy bourgeoisie to carry out revolutionary work.

    This long way to accept the road to go for many years. But still, Monet insisted. In the face of slow or absent sales, his commitment to art has never been cheated. The official art culture does not welcome the life he is putting into. For many artists who work today, this news is a very common experience.

    As an artist, we know that in the process of artistic maturity, a certain degree of frustration is inevitable. Somehow it is a good purpose. Because, if we are engaged in this life, we will continue to work and have been improving.

    Competition can be viewed in the same way. Playing tennis with a better player makes us work harder. The artist's problem is to improve the sensitivity of our creativity and make these disappointments very difficult.

The Power of Persistence

    Our ability, vision or passion seems to be able to make our efforts ineffective, and even let us blurt out, deny the refusal.

    The gallery is filled with the material that the artist tried to represent. Moreover, some people do not have enough staff and time to cope with the peak of the speech. Or they may have been full, can not sell what we do or just do not care. If you really like art pioneer like Monet, then you may have to find a guardian angel with Durand-Ruel's vision and commitment.

    For most of us, we sometimes have a million reasons. We all received a letter of refusal from the beginning of this: "Thank you for your interest in our gallery, but ..."

    I have received a letter from the famous gallery of Scottsdale, and he said, "Your work is very beautiful and definitely belong to Scottsdale, not just here!" It made me funny. Rejection is only part of our life. Earlier, we could see it just this and not more once we accepted the refusal and returned to the painting.

    One of our favorite topics is our friend Robert Genn: "You need to quit and accept that you will be rejected." 

    On the other side of the coin, Robert Wade said: "The constant acceptance of complacency and mediocrity, refusal to produce determination and ultimate success.

    Wish all the ultimate success!

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John Hulsey and Ann Trusty

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