3 Situations about Hang a Painting (Situation 3)

   For plaster walls, you may want to drill a hole first and then use a screw that has a plastic sleeve which expands when you screw it into the wall.
   Hang the painting. Gently hang the wire onto the hook or screws that are in the wall. With heavy paintings, you want to hang them slowly to make sure that the hangers are going to stay. It can be good to set a level on top of the painting to see if it is hanging straight. Large paintings will look more natural if you put some smaller ones around them to balance out the largeness. Create a row of paintings. If you have three or more paintings of the same size or similar size, you can hang them in a straight row. Measure to the same height and pound a nail for each one. Fill the wall space from side to side as much as you can.
   If you are able to reframe the paintings, it will look best when all of them are in the same type of frame. For a few paintings that are not the same size, you want to arrange them in a way that seems balanced. If you have one small, one medium, and one large painting, hang the largest in the middle and balance with one of the others on each side. This arrangement is good to accentuate a long piece of furniture in a room, such as a couch or dining table.
   Design a cluster of paintings. Hang five or more paintings of various sizes in an asymmetrical cluster. You might put a large one in the center and arrange the others around it. Or you can make an organic shape with all of the paintings at different heights. Make the cluster look somewhat uniform by putting them all roughly six inches (15 cm) apart. This somewhat disorganized pattern works great when you have a lot of paintings to hang because the overall look ends up balancing out. Make a rectangular grid. If you have an even number of frames, and an even number of like-sized frames, you can build a grid. You can use as few as four paintings, hanging them in a square pattern. This arrangement is only limited by the amount of wall space you have to work with.
   If you had 30 paintings that were one square foot, you could line them in rows of ten, five, or six. You can work with this arrangement with varied size paintings, but it will work better if you have frames that are all the same size.

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