3 Situations about Hang a Painting (Situation 2)

   If you purchased the artwork or frame, it may have a hanger attached already.You can pick up d-ring hangers at most hardware and home improvement stores.
   Hang the painting. The d-ring hangs right on the nail. Step back at least five feet from the artwork and look at it to see if it is straight. If there is someone else around, it is good to have a second person take a look to see if they think it is straight as well. Attach picture-hanging wire to the frame. For heavier paintings, wire is a better way to hang them than just one ring on the back of the frame. Make a rough judgment about how heavy the painting is as this will determine the strength of wire you need. You can buy wire that will hold up a 100 lb (45 kg) painting. Attach a d-ring to each top corner on the back and string the wire through the hooks.
   The point of this is that now the weight of the painting is distributed across two rings and a wire, rather than all being on a single ring. Measure and mark a spot on the wall for the hanger. Paintings should be hung at eye level. The way to accomplish this is to measure the length of the painting and divide that by two. Add 60 inches (152 cm) to this. Using that number, make a small mark on the wall at that height. For example, if your painting is 36 inches (91 cm), then half of it would be 18 inches (45.7 cm). So the hanger for the painting should be at roughly 78 inches (198 cm).
   Use a sturdy hanger. Heavy paintings are not meant to be hung with a single small nail. Use a curved hook which you press into the wall and that braces against the inside of the wall. Another good option is to use a stud finder to sink a larger nail, perhaps a 10d or 12d, into a stud rather than only into the drywall or plaster. Depending on the size and weight of the painting, it is often advised to use two hooks or nails. This braces the painting even more. Split the width of the painting into thirds and put the hangers at those points.

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