3 Situations about Hang a Painting (Situation 1)

   Hanging a painting is easy, but there are few things you need to take into consideration. Light paintings can be hung up with a single nail, but if you have a heavier painting you’ll want to use anchored hooks or pound the nails into a stud. Finding the right wall space is also important so that the artwork doesn’t make the rest of the wall look empty.
   Find the right wall space. When you have a small painting, between one and three square feet, you shouldn’t hang it on a big empty wall by itself. You’ll make the painting look even smaller. So find a small section of wall or choose a few other paintings to hang with it. Hang the artwork at eye level, around 60”.
   Small paintings are great to hang around larger paintings to offset them and create some balance. You can also hang a collection of small paintings in a pattern.
Use a 4D or 6D nail. As long as your painting is less than about 5 pounds, a regular finish nail will be sufficient to hold it, even in drywall. The nail should be around 1 ½”(3.8 cm). Definitely don’t use a nail that is over 2” (5 cm) because it will end up being too long.
Don’t use a nail that is less than 1” (2.5 cm) because most walls will be at least that thick and the nail won’t be long enough
   If you know that your walls are made of brick or plaster, use a screw rather than a nail. Use screws that still have a small head on them.
Drive the nail at a 45 degree downward angle. Many people make the mistake of pounding a nail straight into the wall, but this is not the most stable way. Gently hit the nail into the wall so the head is angled up toward the ceiling. Leave about ½” (1.3 cm) sticking out of the wall.
   If you have a small hammer, use this rather than a large carpenter’s hammer. A 20 or 24 oz hammer is too heavy and might damage the wall.
   Attach a d-ring to the painting. These hooks are standard for hanging artwork. Measure the width of the painting and make a mark in the middle of the top on the back. Attach the hanger here. Make sure it is centered so the painting will hang straight.

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